[It’s so simple to make barbecue]_BBQ_How to make_How to make

[It’s so simple to make barbecue]_BBQ_How to make_How to make

Barbecue is a very common food in life, especially in summer.

The preparation of barbecue is very simple, everyone can operate it at home. First prepare the food you like. If it is meat, you must marinate it half an hour in advance, the taste will be better; the vegetables are cleaned, but do not cut too small.Otherwise it will be easy to bake.

First, the method of making barbecue 1, slice the pork, put the minced shallots, chopped shallots, add cooking wine, break with the eggs, mix well, and marinate for about half an hour 2. Put the flour cooking wine, peppercorns, and egg liquid in the chicken wings and mix well, Marinate for 30 minutes like pork, put some soy sauce to roast better color 3, keep a piece of fat on each skewer, so that the oil out and taste more fragrant, the fat in the pork skewer is very fragrant when roastedof?
Skewered kebabs and chicken wings, homemade, clean and hygienic, with enough ingredients?
4, grill on fire, want to turn over frequently?
At this time, when the five are mature, the oil is roasted out?
Eat less oil at home, or even leave it alone?
The pork oil is quite big?
When it’s roasted, add cumin when it’s ripe and put salt when it’s fast. Then add cumin pepper noodles. It’s easy to taste and roasted.
The grilled wings must be brushed with oil on the surface ~~ Otherwise, it will be too dry. The grilled wings made by yourself are tender and tender, and the heat is in place?
Second, the basic principles of barbecue 1, choose low-fat food barbecue to eat healthy, initially sure to know how to choose food.

Many people love to grill chicken wings, but one chicken has 150 calories. Once grilled, four from five can be absorbed. This has absorbed 600 calories instead of two large bowls of rice.Scent, may choose chicken chop or chicken fillet, can be a better substitute.

2. Be careful with sweet traps. When grilling, you want to add delicious food. Many people love to apply honey on barbecue foods. Sometimes buying two bottles of honey is not enough.

Because some people love the sweet taste, after adding honey again and again, they did not expect that a tablespoon of honey has 65 calories, which greatly increases the absorption of transfer!

In fact, if you want to increase the taste of food, but also want to be healthy, the nutritionist recommends that one application of honey is enough. After that, it does not prevent the replacement of natural spices such as black pepper powder and mustard to increase the taste of food.