Can you drink overnight tea?

Three reasons to stay away from overnight tea


Can you drink overnight tea?
Three reasons to stay away from overnight tea

Tea drinking is a health water drinking habit with a long history in the Chinese nation. It can lower cholesterol, purify blood, strengthen the heart, diuretic, lose weight, and refresh the mind.

So, can you drink overnight tea?

  To answer this question, we must first figure out what is overnight tea?

It’s not that overnight tea is called overnight tea, it should depend on how much time has elapsed after the tea is brewed.

  We can interrupt for 8 hours and 12 hours.

Overnight teas over 24 hours are more likely to be moldy, germ-producing bacteria and molds, and it is not recommended to drink them; 8 to 12 hours, depending on the weather and temperature, 12 hours in summer are easy to spoil, and 12 hours in winter are better; Under normal circumstances, overnight tea within 12 hours is not a problem.

Of course, it is definitely not as good as the freshly prepared tea, which is delicious and nutritious, but the nutritional factors will be reduced, and it will not harm your health if you drink it.

  Overnight tea is not recommended for three main reasons: 1. Tea contains tea polyphenols, vitamins, catechins, amino acids and other ingredients. Antioxidant is one of the important effects of tea, and it is allowed to be exposed to tea, vitamin C, etc. in the airWhen oxidized, tea polyphenols are oxidized to tea pigments, and the antioxidant effect will be weakened, especially green tea and white tea.

  2. After the tea is left for a long time, solid acid will be generated, and the precipitated acid will be completely dissolved in the tea.

After drinking early and eating breakfast, precipitated acid will interact with food to produce oxalic acid, and the combination of precipitated acid and oxalic acid will cause chemical changes and easily cause stones.

At the same time, synthetic acids also make other nutrients more difficult to digest.

  3. If the overnight tea is left for more than 24 hours, because the tea itself contains sugar and a small amount of protein, it will mold under the conditions of suitable temperature and humidity, and produce bacteria and mold, which will cause diarrhea.

Therefore, you should not drink tea for more than 24 hours, especially when you are in high temperature in summer.

  In addition, for some strong teas, there has been medical evidence that the brewing time exceeds a certain limit will cause a certain substitution and produce some corresponding harmful substances.

  In general, the harmfulness of overnight tea is preventive deterioration. Overnight tea without deterioration will not be harmful to health. On the contrary, there are many health effects. Overnight tea is rich in alcohol and fluorine, which can prevent capillary bleeding.

If you suffer from oral bleeding, skin bleeding, sores and sores, it can be used for treatment.

If the disease is in the nose and nose, you can soak and wash with overnight tea and rinse.

  Tips: 1. When suffering from neurasthenia or insomnia, gastric ulcer, hypertension or hypertension, it is not advisable to drink tea.

  2. Women drinking strong tea during menstrual periods are prone to dysmenorrhea, prolonged menstrual periods and excessive menstrual blood; pregnant women drinking strong tea will affect the nutrition and development of the diet; drinking strong tea during lactation, caffeine can enter the baby’s body through milk, causing the baby to be excited and cryNoise and intestinal infarction will inhibit the secretion of milk, resulting in reduced milk secretion.