Mother makes fish, but baby loves it

Mother makes fish, but baby loves it

Nutritionists said that the fish fat of deep-sea fish contains two kinds of fatty acids, DHA and EPA, which are very helpful for the baby’s brain development.

In addition, many studies have found that eating fish often helps prevent cardiovascular disease.

  Is there any way to make your baby like to eat fish?

After that, we recommend a baby recipe-stewed fish puree for everyone, I believe the little ones will love it.

  Ingredients: 1/4 white fish fillet, 1 tablespoon white radish, 100 ml broth, a small amount of spring onion, a small amount of water starch.


Put the broth in the pan and add the fish to cook;

Fish the cooked fish, put the fish into the fish and squash it, then add it to the pot and add the radish paste;

After it is boiled, thicken it with starch and sprinkle it with green onions.


Fish stew can be replaced by various white meat fish;

Fish stew can be used directly as a snack or as a meal. If the meal can be mixed with rice, the baby will eat more.