Vibrant fitness program

Vibrant fitness program

Nowadays, not many women can claim to be beautiful and feel good about themselves.

Most people don’t have time to take care of themselves. Indeed, in addition to forgetful work, young modern women also need to handle housework, educate their children, and take care of their husbands.

  This is no longer an isolated phenomenon. How can we take time to care more about ourselves?

Please accept the following 9 simple but extremely effective suggestions. Soon you will feel that you have increased your physical activity, full of vitality, and restored youth and confidence.

This method is tailored by Spanish scholars to modern women who are busy all day.


Water the flowers and grow some indoor crops at home and in the workplace.

Put some flower pots on the ground or on a low flower stand, and feed them high, so that every day you have to squat in front of each flower pot in order to water the flowers, or stand on tiptoesEnough for those flower pots that are hung high, the process of constantly squatting and standing up is just a remake of aerobics. This exercise is best after waking up. Squatting will drive the hip muscles and lame feet will help the legs.And stretching of abdominal muscles.


Lift the book.

In order to get everything moving, modern women should make full use of their hands. This simple method can work, just as it happens at the same time as a phone call. Just take a big thick book, and take turns to lift it up, so you can move.Biceps prevent it from becoming slack and generally help to lose weight.



Sit down and hug the knee joint of one leg with both hands, and work hard to raise the leg so that it stretches straight to the chin.

At the same time, keep your back straight. If you move 10 times a day, your abdomen will fall.


Forget the elevator.

To move your legs, it is best to walk up and down the stairs. The effect will be better if you tiptoe. This is a great way to build muscles and promote blood circulation.


Get active.

Do you spend a lot of time at a computer or computer desk?

Please do the following simple movements every hour on average: get up, raise your hands, lift up, and put your fingers toward the ceiling.

Take care to keep your back straight and keep your feet off the ground.

When sitting, you can often lift your legs tens of centimeters under the table to reduce fatigue and make the abdominal muscles stronger.


Take more walks.

Whether at home or in class, don’t let go even if there are only a few breaks. Make full use of this limited time.


Get off one stop earlier.

Don’t forget that while walking is simple, it is very beneficial to physiology.

If you need to take the subway or bus to work or go out, it is best to get off one stop in advance and walk to your destination.


Dance up.

Go home, put your favorite CD, jump with the beat, your body instinctively performs the exercise you need most at this moment, you can relax and eliminate all the stress that has accumulated over the day, you will feel many times after jumping for 10 minutesYour body is comfortable and your mood has become pleasant.


Taking a deep breath is the best, and it’s also the simplest. The most accustomed exercise is to take a deep breath.

Either sit in a chair or stand by an open window and slowly inhale deeply, feeling that the gas is gradually entering your lungs.

The body is full of vitality.
Then exhale slowly as well, imagine detachment from everything that invades you at the moment, and repeat it several times.