[Is thirst good or bad after drinking]_ dry mouth _ good or bad

[Is thirst good or bad after drinking]_ dry mouth _ good or bad

Speaking of drinking, this is a favorite of many friends. You must know that drinking in modern society is sometimes necessary, but there is one that is harmful to drinking, especially for long-term heavy drinking. These effects on the liver and kidneysIt ‘s very big. After drinking alcohol, some friends often feel dry mouth, headache, dizziness. In fact, these reactions are alcohol-stimulated by the body, so generally this phenomenon is a normal reaction, thenWhy is thirst good or bad after drinking, and what are the reasons for these reactions?

1. Increased urination frequency.

Alcoholic beverages will stimulate the kidneys and accelerate the filtering effect of the kidneys after they enter the body. Therefore, some people urinate more than usual after drinking, and the water loss in the body is accelerated, which causes thirst.

2. Alcohol entering the blood will stimulate the secretion of adrenal hormones, increase blood metabolism, expand blood vessels, increase heat through blood vessels near the skin surface, volatilize sweat, and increase water loss.

3. After drinking, the concentration of body fluid changes.

After alcohol dissolves blood into human cells, it will cause the water in the intracellular fluid to temporarily penetrate into the extracellular fluid.

At the same time, because the high alcohol content in the blood causes its viscosity to increase, water will enter the blood vessels and enter the blood, which will also cause thirst symptoms.

Although normal, it can cause discomfort.

So, how to alleviate it?

1. Drink plenty of water.

Drinking water is the most effective and quickest way to relieve dry mouth.

2. Drink honey water.

Honey contains a type of fructose that is not found in most fruits, which promotes the breakdown and absorption of alcohol.

3. Drink light tea.

Tea polyphenols in tea have a protective effect on the liver, but strong tea is rich in theophylline, which causes blood vessel constriction and increased blood pressure, but it can worsen stomach pain and headache.

Because light tea such as water can accelerate the rapid volatilization of alcohol.

4. Drink light salt water.

Alcohol has a diuretic effect and can excrete salt with urine.

To compensate for the loss of salt in the body, it is best to drink a glass of light saline.